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Are you going on vacation with an animal? This is not a problem, we accept dogs and cats and each year have several visitors with an animal.

However, you should be aware that the property is only very partially fenced.

There is a garden wall, where the terrain drops sharply more than two meters, that's all.

The property is very large and the paved road stops here. The first departmental road is 500 m. So normally cars are not a risk to animals and humans.

Of course, we wondered if we should not close the part of the garden reserved for the gite. We abandoned the project, when one of our first guests who had a Rottweiler and a German shepherd (always kept on a leash) assured us that these dogs jump over a fence of 2 meters. Since I learned, it is also necessary to bury part of the fence. We'd feel like we were in prison under these conditions. So, no fence at all.

If you have a dog that is not be held on a leash and does not stay close to its owners in the garden, or which is looking for a fight with the neighbors animals, then you must unfortunately look for another destination for your holiday.