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The villages Javerlhac and Chapelle-St-Robert joint as early as 1823.
Since than the official name of the parish is Javerlhac-et-la-Chapelle-Saint-Robert. The nearest town is Nontron (12 km).
In addition to the two main villages there are several hamlets in the civil parish, with a total of about thousand inhabitants.
The vacation villa “Chez-Joly” is on a hill looking over the valley of Bandiat river and Javerlhac. On foot, following the river, you are in ten minutes in the village.
Javerlhac is a village which still has some shops.

*  baker

* butcher

* small supermarket “huit à 8” with french newspapers

*  hairdresser

* car repair

* physician

* pharmacy

* nurse (infirmier)

* horticulture

* shop with construction materials

* leather and linen shop


* more supermarkets in Nontron where you can find english newspapers

La Chapelle Saint Robert

In the 11th century benedictian monks built an abbay in La Chapelle St Robert, only the church exists nowadays. It is a national monument, renovated over about thirty years by a small association. In the church an audio guide in english is available.

Roman fresco in St Robert church





Javerlhac exists since prehistoric times. Its first castle was built in the 13th century and burnt during french-english wars in 1369. It was reconstructed about 1500 in renaissance style. The owner changed several times. It is still prived and not to be visited.

Oil mill (moulin Martin) and dovecote belonged once to the castle, but are independant now.

The church dedicated to Saint Etienne was built in the 13th century too. But aspect changed in the 19th century.

dovecot, mill and stone cross